Product Description

RABs are available in open or closed designs.Restricted access barriers (RABs) were developed to enhance aseptic processes carried out in conventional clean rooms. Extract technology customer RABs are designed to fully comply with our customers’ requirements for aseptic processing.



Restricted access barriers (RABs) represent one of the fastest growing technology solutions for products that cannot be terminally sterilized. Restricted access barriers (RABs) are another way to reduce the intervention that can occur in cleanroom processing through the use of a barrier and dynamic airflow and be a viable alternative to ORABs.

A closed operation RAB provides a higher level of contamination control because the RABs barrier doors remain closed from the point of the last bio-decontamination, through initial set-up through processing. These systems typically use transfer systems that are similar to ORABs type transfer systems that are closed and dock with the RABs.

An open operation RAB, by definition, provides recognition that the barrier doors can be opened for operator intervention(s), at defined risk assessed stages during aseptic production operations, after the last bio-decontamination step.